If you are a renter or homeowner and you have involved in a legal dispute related to your home, you are ’not alone.’ Problems arise on a regular basis between mortgage lenders and homeowners, and between landlords and tenants. And more often than not, these disputes are related to payments that have fallen behind.

If you are trying to evict a tenant or foreclose on a homeowner, or you are being evicted or foreclosed on, mediation can help you resolve the matter in an efficient and less stressful manner. Taking these issues to court can be expensive and frustrating. Litigation takes all control out of those who are most affected.

Mediation makes it possible to remain in control of your situation and create a resolution that works for everyone involved. Steve Kirschner can help.

Steve has worked with homeowners, tenants, property owners, and mortgage companies in Boynton Beach and throughout the area. He understands how personal and complicated these disputes can be and he can help those involved find the best resolution as efficiently and effectively as possible.

For more information or to speak to Stephen about your eviction or foreclosure dispute in Boynton Beach, Florida, contact him at 561.840.9798.