Contract Disagreements
Contracts should be designed to prevent disputes, but unfortunately it does not always work out that way. Often times in business, the contract governing the relationship comes under fire and puts the relationship in jeopardy.

In an instant, a mutually beneficial relationship can be destroyed because of a contract disagreement. Luckily, there is a way to resolve these disputes that avoids the expense and frustration of court, and in many cases, preserves the relationship for those involved.

The key to a successful contract disagreement mediation is to find a mediator who takes the time to understand the details of the dispute and who is willing to work with all involved to arrive at the best possible resolution. Steve Kirschner can help.

Steve is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and has worked with people throughout Boynton Beach and the surrounding area resolving their disputes. He understands the importance of resolving contract disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible, and when possible, protecting the relationship of those involved.

If you are involved in a dispute related to a contract disagreement in Boynton Beach, Florida, or you would like to speak to someone about the benefits mediation provides in a number of different legal disputes, contact Steve at 561.840.9798.

Dispute between Neighbors
Neighborly relationships can vary a great deal. Some people prefer to keep to themselves and keep their lives separate from their neighbors, while others build close relationships with those living around them.

As strong as these relationships are for many people, the close proximity, particularly in gated communities, can cause a relationship to sour quickly. Disputes between neighbors are one of the most common types of disputes that land people in court, costing everyone involved a great deal of money, wasting their time, and creating long-term complications and discomfort for everyone involved.

The good news is there is a better way to handle disputes between neighbors. Mediation brings everyone together to discuss the situation and determine the best possible resolution for those involved.

Finding a skilled mediator who understands how to help those involved in a neighbor dispute resolve the issue is an essential component of success. Steve Kirschner can help.

Steve is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and can help resolve a variety of different disputes between neighbors. He has been working with people throughout Boynton Beach, Florida, helping them find better ways to deal with common disputes.

For more information or to speak to Steve about a dispute in Boynton Beach, Florida, or the surrounding area, contact him at 561.840.9798.

Debt collection lawsuits are common, but many people do not realize there is often an easier, less stressful way to resolve the matter.

Lawsuits related to collections can be resolved outside of the courtroom. This helps relieve the burden on the court system, and reduces the cost and time required from the debtor and the collection agency. Some courts have even adopted mandatory mediation attempts to ensure that cases that can be resolved outside of court are before they go any further.

Mediation is an informal negotiation that brings those involved in the dispute together. The process is facilitated by a neutral third party that ensures things stay on track, but has no authority over a resolution. The consumer and the debt collector remain in control of the outcome and determine whether mediation is successful.

If you need assistance settling or defending a collections lawsuit, or you need to end harassment of a debt collector or you have filed a countersuit against a collector, Steve Kirschner can help. He has years of experience working with Boynton Beach, Florida consumers and business owners involved in debt collections disputes.

For more information or to speak to Steve about your collections dispute in Boynton Beach, Florida, contact him at 561.840.9798.

Evictions and Foreclosures
If you are a renter or homeowner and you have become involved in a legal dispute related to your home, you are ’not alone.’ Problems arise on a regular basis between mortgage lenders and homeowners, community associations and members and between landlords and tenants. And more often than not, these disputes are related to payments that have fallen behind.

If you are trying to evict a tenant or foreclose on a homeowner, or you are being evicted or foreclosed on, mediation can help you resolve the matter in an efficient and less stressful manner. Taking these issues to court can be expensive and frustrating. Litigation takes all control out of those who are most affected.

Mediation makes it possible to remain in control of your situation and create a resolution that works for everyone involved. Steve Kirschner can help.

Steve has worked with homeowners, tenants, property owners, and mortgage companies in Boynton Beach and throughout the area. He understands how personal and complicated these disputes can be and he can help those involved find the best resolution as efficiently and effectively as possible.

For more information or to speak to Steve about your eviction or foreclosure dispute in Boynton Beach, Florida, contact him at 561.840.9798.